history questions: meat, siberian land bridge, horses in the Americas

10 Dec 1996 17:34:05 GMT

Generally I don't like to expand the number of newsgroups that a post goes
to but as I am unable and unlikely to make any headway in convincing
either of the participants below that they are wrong I thought I would
appeal to more learned folx.

johnel@ix.netcom.com writes:

> On 12/9/96 Tuohy <elmo15@ix.netcom.com> wrote:

> > Morphis@physics.niu.edu wrote:
> > >Colleen, I challange you to find one reputable source that states that
> > >homo-sapians-sapians ever did not eat meat.

For those coming in late, this does not refer to poor peasantry, but to some
(IM-not-at-all-HO) mythical time before we learned to throw rocks. I have
never heard anything that would indicate that any creature that could be
called Human was strictly vegatarian.

> > My history teacher,the book was called"Man though the Ages",I had it
> > last year,10th grade that is,in world history.

> > Colleen

> Ah, those history books!
> Did you read about the great Sir Francis Drake, or
> about Francis Drake the Pirate?

So far so good...

> And have they decided yet whether or not to
> stop teaching the well-known falsehood that Native Americans came from
> Siberia over the "land bridge" ? And are they still teaching that horses
> were imported to America by the Europeans...?

Again, I have heard nothing that remotely suggests that these two occurances
have been challanged in the academic/research community.

comments please