Re: Killing Ed Conrad (through my newsreader)

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11 Dec 1996 09:42:32 -0800

In article <>, (mb) wrote:
>You may have noticed an increase in the number of - how shall I put this?
>- posts by that self appointed voice in the wilderness trying to lead us
>to the path of truth and redemption. Filtering him out may increase our
>sins, but it may reduce reading time and the amount of clutter. That may
>be fine for now, but is there a need for a moderated list? Does one
>already exist for anth? Arch? Paleo? Freethinking but annoyed minds wanna
>looking at you through rose colored glasses,

The only one I can think of is, but they mainly discuss
the modes/theories of evolution. I'm not sure what the moderator would
do with just anthro discussions.

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