Re: history questions: meat, siberian land bridge, horses in the Americas

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11 Dec 1996 20:38:27 GMT

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>>> > >Colleen, I challange you to find one reputable source that
>>> > >homo-sapians-sapians ever did not eat meat.
>>For those coming in late, this does not refer to poor peasantry, but
>to some
>>(IM-not-at-all-HO) mythical time before we learned to throw rocks. I
>>never heard anything that would indicate that any creature that could
>>called Human was strictly vegatarian.
>Before we learned to hunt we were.Sure this was a long time ago,and we
>all ran around naked,and this is before fire.But it happened.
>>> > My history teacher,the book was called"Man though the Ages",I had
>>> > last year,10th grade that is,in world history.
>>> > Colleen
>>> Ah, those history books!
>>> Did you read about the great Sir Francis Drake, or
>>> about Francis Drake the Pirate?
>>So far so good...
>The spanish hate,but to the britsh hes a hero,its how you look at
>things,and how you look at things starts a debate like this.That was
>overly clear.
>Colleen Tuohy
Perhaps Colleen thinks that some of the Australopiths (who were likely
purely vegetarians [based on dentition], such as A.bosei) were the
vegetarians in the human line; whilst they were hominids, they were not
directly in our line but rather, offshoots.

It is quite likely that the nodal species that gave rise to our line
and the chimpanzees was also a meat-eater since both H. sapiens and Pan
are true omnivores.

Barry Mennen