Re: Way to eliminate nutcases from newsfeed

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11 Dec 1996 09:39:34 -0800

In article <583um0$>, (Ed Conrad) wrote:
> (Noel Dickover) wrote:
>>I just started playing around with a new newsgroup reader (Microplanet
>>Gravity), and it allows me to put "rules" in place. For instance, I put
>>in a rule that says "If "Conrad" appears in the "From" section, remove
>>from list. Theoretically, this could say "Whitaker" or anyone else.
>>This has made my newsreading immensely more pleasurable, and No, I'm not
>>connected with the company. I just recently downloaded a 30 trail copy
>>from their website.
>>You can also set it to remove news messages with words like "coal" in
>>the subject area.
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>Hey, Dickover:
>Something tells me you're scared of the truth by playing ostrich and
>burying your head in the sand.
>Does Truth frighten you THAT much?

Speaking of truth, when you going to get around to any?

Is it your hypocritical nature to ignore my posts to you?

Ed, your posts have nothing to do with truth, so Noel wants nothing
to do with you.

Simple enough? (Place your bets ladies & gentlemen!)

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