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Noel Dickover (
Wed, 11 Dec 1996 16:03:02 -0500

In article <>, says...

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> >Something tells me you're scared of the truth by playing ostrich and
> >burying your head in the sand.
> >Does Truth frighten you THAT much?
> Speaking of truth, when you going to get around to any?
> Is it your hypocritical nature to ignore my posts to you?
> Ed, your posts have nothing to do with truth, so Noel wants nothing
> to do with you.
> Simple enough? (Place your bets ladies & gentlemen!)
> ----------------------------
> Steve "Chris" Price

Bada-boom Bada-bing! I'd say Chris just won the prize, hit the nail on
the head, and all that stuff! Gosh, its not even so much the search for
truth, as it is the pursuit for knowledge, which isn't necessarily truth.

Kenneth Boulding, one of the most enlightened peeple I ever had the honor
of studying with, would often respond to a question with, "I don't really
know the answer to that but it might have something to do with...", and
go on to give the most in-depth hour+ treatise of the subject. His
belief was that once you said you knew something, you stop thinking about
it, and stop learning. For him, it was the journey that was important,
not the final answer.

In Ed's case, he either has already discovered (his own individual) THE
truth, as many others have, or he's just trying to piss us all off by
wasting bandwith and engaging in useless conversation because he doesn't
really have anything better to do. In either case, I'm not interested.

If he's discovered (his own) THE truth, that means its not open for
critical inquiry, and thus, not really appropriate for discussing in a
forum such as this. If that is the case, I congradulate him for finding
(his) THE answer to life and the evidence (which coincidently was in his
back yard), wish him the best, and would hope that he would prostalitize
in a more appropriate forum. If he is merely a troll, and does not
believe what he's spewing (I find this more likely), then I pity him for
his poor excuse for a life, and hope that someday he will find something
better to do with his time.

In either case, I take the Dogbert approach:

"From now on, I will not try to reason with the idiots I encounter.
I will dismiss them by waving my paw and saying `Bah.`"
-- Dogbert
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Noel Dickover