Re: history questions: meat, siberian land bridge, horses in the Americas

Tuohy (
11 Dec 1996 19:55:31 GMT

>> > wrote:
>> > >Colleen, I challange you to find one reputable source that states
>> > >homo-sapians-sapians ever did not eat meat.
>For those coming in late, this does not refer to poor peasantry, but
to some
>(IM-not-at-all-HO) mythical time before we learned to throw rocks. I
>never heard anything that would indicate that any creature that could
>called Human was strictly vegatarian.
Before we learned to hunt we were.Sure this was a long time ago,and we
all ran around naked,and this is before fire.But it happened.

>> > My history teacher,the book was called"Man though the Ages",I had
>> > last year,10th grade that is,in world history.
>> > Colleen
>> Ah, those history books!
>> Did you read about the great Sir Francis Drake, or
>> about Francis Drake the Pirate?
>So far so good...
The spanish hate,but to the britsh hes a hero,its how you look at
things,and how you look at things starts a debate like this.That was
overly clear.

Colleen Tuohy