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10 Dec 1996 20:35:31 GMT

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|> Seems I read about a group of primitive people, this century, called the
|> Ik (spelling?) noted for their lack of kindness, compassion. Anyone
|> having a bett3er memory than I who might know about a book on them
|> written at least 25 years ago, I'd appreciate a contact by e-mail at

The book was _the mountain people_, by colin turnbull, written
(apparently) as a counterpoint to his classic _the forest people_,
about the mbuti pygmies.

I haven't read _the mountain people_, but it has been suggested in
this newsgroup that the book may be of dubious scholarship. I have
requested more detail regarding this accusation, but none has been
forthcoming. I would love to hear more about the controversy.

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