In Memoriam - David Rindos
Tue, 10 Dec 1996 20:01:47 GMT

It is with a heavy heart that I tell you that sometime during the early
hours of Monday morning, on December 9th, David Rindos died peacefully in
his sleep.

I do not really need to remind most of you that we have lost not only a
pioneer in the study of the development of agriculture, but a great and
original mind in the science of archaeology. Dave was a teacher loved by
his students, yet himself a student to the end. Throughout his years of
legal and bureaucratic battles with the University of Western Australia,
which would have crippled many of us, Dave continued to work on his
beloved archaeology, help his former students, care for his garden, and
prepare gourmet meals for some of his many friends. Plans to expand
archaeology in his state and help his colleagues in their own work were
never far from his heart and mind.

This is a horribly sad day and a great loss to Academia. With Dave we have
lost a true scholar, a professional to the very end. In his struggle for
justice, eventually his body succumbed but not his spirit. We shall all
miss him very greatly.

Hugh Jarvis