Re: The Ik

Donna Darden (
12 Dec 1996 05:27:25 GMT

I heard Professor Turnbull speak about the mountain people, not long after
the book. I have no idea about the quality of the scholarship, but my
feeling was that he was still rather shocked by his life with the Ik, who
were, by our standards, terribly cruel, but, as he explained it, had to be,
owing to the political and natural environment into which they had been

Donna Darden.

> The book was _the mountain people_, by colin turnbull, written
> (apparently) as a counterpoint to his classic _the forest people_,
> about the mbuti pygmies.
> I haven't read _the mountain people_, but it has been suggested in
> this newsgroup that the book may be of dubious scholarship. I have
> requested more detail regarding this accusation, but none has been
> forthcoming. I would love to hear more about the controversy.