Re: Brain disease found to be the cause of professor's ridiculous postings

Ed Conrad (
8 Dec 1996 10:11:19 GMT (Charles Dyer) wrote:

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><> wrote:

>> Mr Ed is more successful in his attempt to convince people that his rocks
>> are bones than at his attempts at humor...

>As a direct result of (this) article, Ed just made my killfile.

In the spirit of the holiday season, may I remind you that it is
always much better to give than receive.
The howlers certainly have been dishing it out, so I think it's only
fitting and proper that they get something in return.
-- Ed Conrad

PS: Your killfile sort of reminds me of the folks who complain
about their newspaper, canceling their subscription and promising
never to read ``the rag" ever again. Then you see them plunking
change into the dispensing machine for a few days -- until they
realize the inconvenience and return to their senses.