Brain disease found to be the cause of professor's ridiculous postings

Ed Conrad (
6 Dec 1996 13:04:53 GMT

>>> (Yuri Kuchinsky) wrote:

>Ed Conrad ( wrote:

>: Then I spent six years studying at the University of Uncommon Sense
>: where, as you can imagine, the highest marks went to the students who
>: had arrived brainwashed and therefore possessed the least bit of
>: common sense.

>: To give you some idea of our course of study, every six weeks we were
>: given a basic truth and, rather coyly, had to transform it into a
>: fabrication. In other words, we had to make it look like an outright
>: lie.

>>> Ed,

>>> The above indicates to me that you're in the grip of a severe case of
>>> delusionary paranoia, with an exacerbated persecution complex thrown in.
>>> Seek help immediately. All is not lost.

And YOU, Professor Kuchinsky, appear to be suffering from
a brain disease in the general vicinity of the Superior Medullary

It is rare but, fortunately, not unusual.

This deteriorating condition has adversely affected your good
ol' common sense since it has caused a serious blockage
in your portholes to openmindedness.

Sadly, Professor Kuchinsky, I regret to inform you there is a visible
adverse effect.
You'll soon notice that your testacles will begin turning a bright
canary yellow, speckled with tiny green growths approximately
the size of sesame seeds .