Re: Brain disease found to be the cause of professor's ridiculous postings

Yuri Kuchinsky (
9 Dec 1996 17:00:19 GMT

Ed Conrad ( wrote:
: >>> (Yuri Kuchinsky) wrote:
: >Ed Conrad ( wrote:

: >: Then I spent six years studying at the University of Uncommon Sense :
>: where, as you can imagine, the highest marks went to the students who :
>: had arrived brainwashed and therefore possessed the least bit of : >:
common sense.

: >: To give you some idea of our course of study, every six weeks we were
: >: given a basic truth and, rather coyly, had to transform it into a :
>: fabrication. In other words, we had to make it look like an outright :
>: lie.

: >>> Ed,

: >>> The above indicates to me that you're in the grip of a severe case of
: >>> delusionary paranoia, with an exacerbated persecution complex thrown in.
: >>> Seek help immediately. All is not lost.

: ~~~~~~~~~~~~

: And YOU, Professor Kuchinsky, appear to be suffering from
: a brain disease in the general vicinity of the Superior Medullary
: Velum.

"Professor Kuchinsky" replies:

These are big words, Ed. I suppose you're sure that anybody who's using
such long words couldn't be an idiot?

: It is rare but, fortunately, not unusual.

: This deteriorating condition has adversely affected your good
: ol' common sense since it has caused a serious blockage
: in your portholes to openmindedness.

Openmindedness? Yes, I can see you demonstrated it abundantly.

: Sadly, Professor Kuchinsky, I regret to inform you there is a visible
: adverse effect.
: You'll soon notice that your testacles will begin turning a bright
: canary yellow, speckled with tiny green growths approximately
: the size of sesame seeds .

What is this, Ed? Should we really be expecting such silly school-yard
taunts from the Defender of The Truth, the Colour Guard of Scientific
Objectivity, Ed Conrad, Hisself? Aren't you slipping here a little?

Get help, Ed. Please understand, exhibiting your psychological disorders
on the Usenet for all to see is not the best way of dealing with them...

Evolutionistically yours,



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