Human calvarium? Ridiculous! It certainly looks like a petrified bowling ball to me

Ed Conrad (
6 Dec 1996 11:46:30 GMT

Steve Geller <> wrote:

>Does anyone know if Ed Conrad is likely to make any money off his
>anthracite anthropus? I'm trying to figure his motivation, for what
>sure appears to be a con game or publicity stunt.

>If he's really got something that's halfway plausible for humans in the
>Carboniferous, one of the creationist organizations ought to give him
>some support / publicity.

>If he really produces a complete, or nearly complete skeleton, I'll be
>awed. All I've seen so-far look like chunks of rock.

We're on the save wavelength because they SURE as hell look like
rocks to me.
Except for the one Krogman is holding. I seem to think it's half of a
petrified bowling ball but I can't figure out why it's hollowed out
and, unless I'm mistaken, I don't think there were any bowling alleys
during the time period in which coal was being formed.