Re: Way to eliminate nutcases from newsfeed

Yuri Kuchinsky (
5 Dec 1996 14:57:22 GMT

Ed Conrad ( wrote:

: Simply take up a collection from all of the howlers -- $100 each in
: frayed $10 and $20 bills -- and drop off the brown paper refrigerator
: carton in the alley behind Catizone's Barber Shop in Shenandoah at
: 3:25 a.m. next Wednesday, Dec. 11.

: That's when I'll climb out of the neighbor's garbage can and supervise
: the counting of the cash. I figure, based on the number of hostile
: postings over these past nine month, it should contain a minimum of
: $4,754,800.

How about a couple of wooden nickels?



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