Re: Way to eliminate nutcases from newsfeed

Toby Cockcroft (
Thu, 05 Dec 1996 03:01:09 -0400

In article <583um0$>, (Ed Conrad) wrote:
>Hey, Dickover:
>Something tells me you're scared of the truth by playing ostrich and
>burying your head in the sand.
>Does Truth frighten you THAT much?
>Obviously, some other close-minded ``ostriches" will follow your
>advice and, personally, I couldn't care less.
>But I assure you there are countless others out there who ARE
>open-minded and have long felt that the scientific establishment
>certainly has not been honest and forthright in dealing with the
>question of man's origin and ancestry.
>And I think they're rather pleased that they're finally tuned to the
>right channel where I'm calling a spade a spade..

Hey Ed.

The only reason that people have resorted to kill files is because of your
mindless drivel. The anthropological community has dealt with the issue
of human ancesry and origin and continues to do so but it appears that the
results and conclusions that we are coming to aren't to your liking. You
don't like the results so you claim that the scientific community isn't
being forthright and honest ... what a load of bullshit that is. You want
to talk about origins and ancestry but you are simply trying to couch the
race issue in scientific terms. Your smoke screen won't work here buddy
boy. Your channel has been into repeats since the fifties and the
programming is getting a little tired. There is a new show in town and it
is getting better ratings than yours ever did. The truth has never
frightened us and the only person who is close minded here is yourself.
The TRUTH is on our side while you have been stuck in Lamarkian science
others have progressed and made new discoveries and new inquiries to the
origins of humans and human nature. Even the words that you choose
betrays your ancestry. For your information there are two genders in the
human species, both men and women. Still stuck in the fifties you refer
to man's evolution and man's origins, your ignorance shines through. And
if you try to rebut by saying that it is a catch word your wrong. I'm a
man because that is the gender I was born but my species, my race is