Re: Way to eliminate nutcases from newsfeed

Noel Dickover (
Thu, 5 Dec 1996 10:32:01 -0500

By looking at Toby's reply's, which BTW were amusing, it appears as if
Mr. Ed has participated in this thread, of course don't know that for
sure, BECAUSE I NO LONGER GET HIS MESSAGES. Huuaah!! Life is good.
Kill files make it that way. It is the best defense against trolls, and
I highly recommend them (newsreaders with killfiles, not newsgroups with
trolls). I think I will even pay for one of these kill file newsreaders
after my 30 eval is over.

Thanks for the laugh Toby.


Noel Dickover

In article <>, says...
> In article <583um0$>, (Ed Conrad) wrote:
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> >Hey, Dickover:
> >
> >Something tells me you're scared of the truth by playing ostrich and
> >burying your head in the sand.
> >Does Truth frighten you THAT much?
> >
> >Obviously, some other close-minded ``ostriches" will follow your
> >advice and, personally, I couldn't care less.
> >But I assure you there are countless others out there who ARE
> >open-minded and have long felt that the scientific establishment
> >certainly has not been honest and forthright in dealing with the
> >question of man's origin and ancestry.
> >
> >And I think they're rather pleased that they're finally tuned to the
> >right channel where I'm calling a spade a spade..
> Hey Ed.
> The only reason that people have resorted to kill files is because of your
> mindless drivel. The anthropological community has dealt with the issue
> of human ancesry and origin and continues to do so but it appears that the
> results and conclusions that we are coming to aren't to your liking. You
> don't like the results so you claim that the scientific community isn't
> being forthright and honest ... what a load of bullshit that is. You want
> to talk about origins and ancestry but you are simply trying to couch the
> race issue in scientific terms. Your smoke screen won't work here buddy
> boy. Your channel has been into repeats since the fifties and the
> programming is getting a little tired. There is a new show in town and it
> is getting better ratings than yours ever did. The truth has never
> frightened us and the only person who is close minded here is yourself.
> The TRUTH is on our side while you have been stuck in Lamarkian science
> others have progressed and made new discoveries and new inquiries to the
> origins of humans and human nature. Even the words that you choose
> betrays your ancestry. For your information there are two genders in the
> human species, both men and women. Still stuck in the fifties you refer
> to man's evolution and man's origins, your ignorance shines through. And
> if you try to rebut by saying that it is a catch word your wrong. I'm a
> man because that is the gender I was born but my species, my race is
> human.
> Toby