Re: Social Engineering (was: Different patriarchy Model)

Loren Petrich (
Thu, 29 Dec 1994 04:59:19 GMT

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Camilla Cracchiolo <> wrote:

>As far as social engineering is concerned, it sounds like you think that
>all attempts at social change are hopeless. By this reasoning, the
>American revolution should never have happened and we'd all be better off
>living under a monarchy.

In fact, one might argue that the American Revolutionary War has
some grave moral consequences:

Promotion of disrespect for authority. It was about rejecting the
authority of the legitimate ruler of that territory, and rebelling
against him.

Political persecution. Large number of pro-British "Tories" fled
to Canada.

General rowdyism. This includes tarring and feathering, and also
that destruction of property known as the Boston Tea Party.

So might one not conclude that King George III was right?

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