Re: Social Engineering (was: Different patriarchy Model)

PioneerTom (
29 Dec 1994 04:07:03 -0500 (Paul F. Bramscher) writes:

"What I find most unfortunate is that we've decided to let politicans and
private industry utterly overshadow the role social scientists can play
in the "engineering." I liken it to the doctor/patient analogy. There's
really no debate in the operating room,the patient doesn't argue with the
doctor on whether his appendix should be removed. The problem exists,
the steps are taken to remedy it... But in the process of politicization,
the patient often dies or goes through unneeded suffering... Just food
for thought.

Paul F. Bramscher
Interdisciplinary Archaeological Studies
University of Minnesota -- Minneapolis"

While you're correct, that the politicians have resumed their old control,
one must note that the endorsement of and apologies for "treatments"
that led to tens of millions dying in the Gulags since 1918 are a
primary motivation for that resumption of control. Face it, social
science isn't trusted as far as you could throw its fattest practitioner,
least by large sections of the political community. I am convinced that
social science can do a lot of good, but it has an awful lot of
soul-searchin' and soul scrubbin' to do first, at least as long as the
political majority is concerned!

Tom Billings