Re: Schizophrenics?

29 Dec 1994 03:07:04 GMT

In article <>, (Gil Hardwick) writes:
>Somebody wrote to me that he "thought that there were more paranoid
>schizophrenics sitting faceless behind video screens on the Internet
>than existed throughout the whole rest of the planet all together."
>Is that right, Hugh? Is that the problem, do you think?
>Or maybe it is simply the fact that during his extended sojourn in the
>White House your dear ol' Ronnie Reagan (you know, that President with
>the pea rattling around inside his cranium y'all voted in twice) DID
>manage to reduce the whole of tertiary education in North America to
>his own intellectual level.
>Perhaps something of both, here on this "Information" Superhighway,
>Is this anthropology? This is an anthropology new group -- politics and
psychology have their own news groups -- don't they?
James Riesmeyer