And again . . .

Gil Hardwick (
Wed, 07 Dec 1994 23:02:28 GMT

Hugh writes:

>Set up for a law suit...? Firstly, no, I did not set
>you up. Secondly, even if I had, how does that excuse
>your illegal action???

You in collusion with Dr David Rindos and his lawyers had me set up
here with a writ for defamation in the Supreme Court of Western
Australia, in circumstances exploiting my absence and lack of
resources to make it impossible to attend court. Even my entering a
presence at the court to defend myself was rejected, that in the
judgement it was made to appear that I did not want to defend myself
and implying that I was guilty by default.

Now, Hugh, those facts are going to go on the public record here via
this electronic medium as the only avenue open for my defence to be
heard. Unless I come up with large amounts of money somehow to get a
lawyer of my own to take it all the way through the courts again.

In the meantime, to what "illegal action" do you refer?