Hugh again . . .

Gil Hardwick (
Wed, 07 Dec 1994 22:55:03 GMT

Hugh's reply to me:

>ps. Yes, I did speak to Dr. Bowdler. I also spoke to
>the Vice Chancellor's office. So quit your unfounded
>allegations. Why don't you practice what you preach?
>I have yet to see evidence that you have checked out any
>of your allegations. What do you know about Bowdler's
>alleged sexual improprieties...? That's the real isue
>here, plus the coverup to that scandall. If you are so
>interested in justice, one would think you would be
>interested in getting to the bottom of that allegation,
>rather than attacking others. People like you just give
>Australians and anthropologists a bad name.

To which I respond:

As I continue saying to you, Hugh Jarvis, I don't know anything about
Bowdler's alleged sexual improprieties, and I don't that that this is
an issue here at all.

What I DO know about are staff hammering away at one another on the
basis of one allegation after another, not only at UWA but plainly
stirred up quite considerably from overseas. I have reliable reports
at hand too that the Anthropology Department in Adelaide was in fact
disbanded in the wake of even more allegations of sexual misconduct
(this time at least straight), while the protagonists are now safely
ensconced back in their home countries and Australian students are
left with their careers in tatters wondering what the hell is going

Here I am now myself an ex-student having suffered all the way through
this garbage with no prospect of a career in the mainstream because of
all this, doing my darndest to get to the bottom of it.

It is not me giving anthropology a bad name, Hugh. YOU, and others
of your ilk, are the TEACHERS of anthropology, the protagonists of
all this scandal and mayhem replicated here I must add on ANTHRO-L
_and_ sci-anthropology, and at length I demand that you be called to

Do we have an anthropology or not? Are you mob going to settle down
to teaching, or are you going to persist in raising hell for every
one here?

You try to pull any more stunts, Hugh Jarvis, and I will do more than
defame you. I shall have your name smeared from here to eternity.

You and all your kind . . .