And again, ad nauseam . . .

Gil Hardwick (
Thu, 08 Dec 1994 00:03:26 GMT

Hugh writes:

>Gee, Gil, since we are back on a first name basis, based
>on your own statements about acceptable tactics, why are
>you not addressing these questions to me, instead of sci.ant?
>First off, get your facts straight. Those two people you
>quote from UWA have been caught with their pants down. They
>have been caught lying about the events! What about all the
>great numbers of other people at UWA who have spoken out in
>favour of Dave Rindos??? Do you discount them because they
>disagree with you? I think so.

Which two people I quoted were caught with their pants down, Hugh?
Are you saying to us now that Dr John Gordon, Head of the Department,
has been involved in sexual impropriety with one of the students? As
well as Dr Bowdler?

Which student? I still have no idea with whom Dr Bowdler was supposed
to have been in bed then, much less try to imagine who John Gordon
was seeing out of hours. I know him rather as a happy married man.

I should tell you that I was throughout the period Editor and then
President of the Western Australian Anthropological and Sociological
Students Association (WAASSA), and had a great deal to do with them
with respect to the running of our library WITHIN the Department of
Anthropology. Had there in fact been any improprieties with students
among the staff, certainly I would have known about it very directly

Are you trying to tell us that they are BOTH now lying about the
events? Are you also going to sit there accusing the Vice-Chancellor
too now? Who else here do you consider sexually improprietous, Hugh
Jarvis? The entire University? How many more are there, you wish to

For that matter, what "great numbers of people at UWA" have spoken out
in favour of Dr Rindos? The extremely reliable information I now have
at hand is that nobody wants to know about any more about this sort of
thing, but want to be getting on with the job.

There has been NO SUPPORT here for Dr Rindos. In fact the affidavits I
have at hand, being ALL of those submitted in court bar one, apart
from those of his lawyer and his psychiatrist, are from interstate;
from Messrs Wilkins and Boot respectively.

It is fact that the only local "anthropologist" submitting affidavit
in support of Dr Rindos is one Rory O'Connor, himself ostracised in
particular by his own professional body, The Anthropological Society
of Western Australia, to the extent where he went out of his way to
create another rival body catering to multinational interests, in an
environment I must add very gravely concerned about the manner of
relocation of Aboriginal people from their traditional lands in order
to "facilitate" mining operations by the same consortia responsible
for Ok Tedi and Bougainville.

But said Rory O'Connor is definitely NOT on campus. He is not on any
campus, here in WA or anywhere else in Australia. Last time I saw his
name mentioned was as a journalist having written a travel article
for the West Australian newspaper.

It is pathetic, Hugh. Here we are with this fabulously world famous
anthropologist whose undergraduate work is in Botany and whose book
is criticised *in particular* for having failed to take account of
human motivation, being supported by two Philosophy students one of
whom works as a librarian and the other in computer graphics, one
lawyer, one psychiatrist and one part-time journalist.

And I now understand being represented by FAUSA, whoever they are for
the moment.

All derived from this putative sex-scandal, only one in a spate of
such scandals taking place simultaneously in Anthropology Departments
right across Australia in the wake of the Labor Party having come to
power in 1983, and NOTABLY involving foreign academics and campaigns
of hysteria drummed up from overseas.

Why don't you simply start telling us the truth for once, Hugh?

>Get with it, Hardwick. I didn't boot you off anthro-l! It
>was done by our computer systems people, in response to the
>messages you were posting. You are responsible for your
>actions here, and, based on a certain law suit you lost, also
>in Australia! So grow up!

Please do excuse me, Hugh Jarvis, but I have all of the mail from
that period archived, including where you stated to me that you as
List Owner had instructed the systems adminstrator to have me taken
off ANTHRO-L. You also had me denied access to the site itself, such
that I had a hell of a time later trying to UNSUBSCRIBE from other
lists being hosted there.

What actions there, Hugh? I have never been there in my life.

What law suit did I lose, Hugh? I have never been to court.

> Jerk!
> Hugh Jarvis

Well, yes. This is about the standard of your behaviour, of which I
have so long complained.

How about you get with it.