Re: Amerind an offensive term (was: Early Amerind assimilation

Xina (
25 Aug 1996 13:21:20 GMT (@#$%!?!) wrote:
>: with Native American? The indigenous people here were and still are
>Because, silly person, humans are not native to the Americas. Or, probably,
>Europe or Asia.
>It is a waste of time to explain this bigots.

FYI, the Anasazi had fully functional cities and civilization with
lucrative trade routes (with other tribes in central america, etc) while
the 'Europeans' were living in caves! When the migration did occur, it
was relative to primitive tribes in Europe.....were they planted where
they were? How about the Asians? How did they get there....I learned
this in Jr. High, and yet here we have, (supposed) adults with educations
arguing this again!
The people of the world did not evolve at the same rate nor in the same
manner as other people in the world...

Hey you/we are all just guessing, based of course on the evidence which is
by no means conclusive, but there are always those that would try to
discount the claims of the Native Americans to live on their lands as
sovereign Nations. My only suggestion and hope is that they get used to
the idea that we are here, were here and will always endure, despite your
best efforts to exterminate or assimilate our culture and lands into your
'own' free of guilt.