Re: Intelligence on the X chromosome

Jef Bateman (
Sun, 25 Aug 1996 10:15:16 -0700

Forgive if this was already addressed, but to what extent are people
accepting this research in the first place? I have not read any
informed, critical evaluations of the issue itself.
Even if the research were well-done, what they are asking us to
believe is rather implausible. The way I see it, we would have to accept
the following assertions:
1. Intelligence is a single discrete quantity.
2. This quantity can be measured.
3. This quantity is genetically based.
4. The amount of genetic material needed to "code" this quantity
is amazingly small, given the complexity of what we conventionally
term "intelligence."

Anyway, I hope that somebody out there with more knowledge in
this particular area than I have can post a thorough evaluation of the
entire study.
Followups will be posted to "sci.skeptic."

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