Re: Creationists win the schools in New Mexico

Randy M. Wadkins (
25 Aug 1996 21:21:11 GMT

In article <4vq3ds$> (Bryant) writes:

> 'Sad to announce that the New Mexico state gov has decided to exclude the
> teaching of evolutionary theory in state schools, in favor of creationist
> curricula.
> I thought the supreme court had dealt with this horse shit. I find it
> very disturbing that "politically/religiously correct" biology will now
> be taught in my state in place of the science of biology.
> Is biblical Algebra next?!
> Bryant

I really hope you're exaggerating here. But...maybe it's
time for a real Scopes II trial. This has been brewing
for a while. I think the creationists don't realize that
they're waking the sleeping giant that is the scientific
community. It should be great fun to watch Phillip Johnson,
Michael Behe, and David Berlinski crushed like the bugs
they are in a public squishing.


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