Re: Evolution of Sexism

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16 Aug 1996 10:11:52 -0600

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Len Piotrowski <> wrote:

>I would
>like to point out that the social goal of increasing the number of males in a
>corporate group for the purposes of warfare on neighboring corporate groups
>is _not_ facilitated as well by a patrilineal structural arrangement as that
>provided by a matrilineal arrangement, suitably augmented by a corresponding
>marriage-residence rule.

Patrilineality is one component of patriarchy, which is what Mr. Firl was
talking about, I believe. In fact, I know of no reason to think that
patriarchy requires patrilineality.

>Unmarried children belong to the corporate group in
>both arrangements, but males obtained through marriage can be made immediately
>available to the matrilineal group for such real-time crisis like warfare.

Obtained through marriage with whom? The groups you're at war with? I
believe that the Yanomamo "court" their wives by kidnapping them
from their enemies. Am I mistaken?