Re: Evolution of Sexism

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17 Aug 1996 02:16:18 GMT

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> A game-theory analysis of social stability shows why universal pacifism
> cannot endure; violent societies rapidly colonize and exploit a
> peaceful mileau. Under conditions of resource scarcity, this can lead
> to increasing escalation...
> In times of violence, men step up and women fade into the background.
> In times of peace, women become more prominent. It might be interesting
> to look for cycles of patriarchy and egalitarianism related to
> conditions of turmoil/violence/resource scarcity and stability/peace/
> abundance.
-- Furl's comments -- the dynamics of social stability, and possibility
for cycles of instability --are intriguing.
However, I've wondered about the hypothesis that universal male bias by
mothers (for males) might be related to, or else compensatory for, male
genetic weakness, i.e., at every stagew of the life cycle, from conception
onward, human males die in significantly greater proportions than females.
Yet, clearly, males posess greater short-term importance to human groups.
Shouldn't such observed socio-cultural compensation be predicted?
Thus, the charges of "gender bias" feminists see in our (and every)
"patriarchal culture"is really mistaken as an expression of
environmentally determined bias, when in reality, its sociobiological.

-- Orson Olson,
Univ. of Colorado, Boulder