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James Howard (
Tue, 13 Aug 1996 12:17:23 GMT

Bryant responded with:

"Since you deleted the threading references here, I cannot quote your
original msg. I recall your stating that phenotypic quality was
related to lower transcriptional error rates due to androgens, at
least within humans, between races. This is where my question (above)
came from.

Instead of reacting (as is typical on this group) with anger when
posed a question, you may consider answering it. For instance, in
this case, you seem to be saying I mis-read your post. Hence, the
simple answer to my question would be 'no.'"

Just before I started this response, I checked that my original
message is still available here. It is. Please read it again; I make
no statements regarding "phenotypic quality" and "lower
transcriptional error rates" in humans or any other animal in any
manner or form. I did not answer your question with a yes or no,
because either answer would imply that I have a position on the
matter. By the way, for those reading this, Bryant's question was "Do
you have any evidence at all for such a sweeping statement?" By
asking this question, Bryant implies that I made a sweeping statement
regarding transcriptional errors. (Bryant is trying to make me take a
stance on something I never said. His question is like asking someone
to answer yes or no to "Did you spend the money you stole today?")

The increases in testosterone, that have occurred in hominids,
increase testosterone target tissues, such as muscle, bone, etc, that
include brain activity in the lower brain. This gives an advantage in
aggression and sexual access. This increased testosterone in the
group. Lower testosterone types were driven away. This is the cause
of hominid migration, because once the group, driven away, forms
another "breed and feed" area, testosterone rises again, and lower
testosterone types are, again, driven away. It is the rise in
testosterone that causes the migration. They types that are forced to
migrate are the ones that evolved into Homo sapiens; you will have to
read my article at on the web for the

Since testosterone continues to increase, the vulnerability to viral
and bacterial infections, caused by too much testosterone, comes into
play. These groups become massive, but are more vulnerable to
infections. They become extinct. This is the fate of the A. robustus
hominids, and their like, that became extinct in Africa; they did not
migrate. The lower testosterone types are more "gracile." We evolved
from the gracile types. So, yes, too much testosterone is a bad
thing. Where testosterone is too high, it begins to exert negative
pressures on the group.

Every civilization develops from the migrating, lower testosterone,
groups. They eventually increase their testosterone, which works to
their detriment. They collapse. They are vulnerable to epidemic
infections: plagues. These plagues remove the people of higher
testosterone, which reduces the migration effect. The people of lower
testosterone survive the infections and continue to live in situ. So
the same effect occurs, i.e., the higher testosterone types become
extinct, but the migration effect is reduced. (Read my entire article
on AIDS at the website.)

James Howard