Re: Patriarchy: Re: What Matriarchy?

Bryant (
8 Aug 1996 10:15:07 -0600

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Gale said:
>> There's life after freshman philosophy, Gale. :)
>(But is there intelligent life facing your computer screen?)

Brilliant, Gale. Let's see if your post has any actual content related
to the thread, shall we?

>You are in serious error. Solipsism, indeed, means, or tends to mean,
>"there is no world beyond your skull.">
>However, none of the philosophers I mentioned or in any manner referred to
>offered that assumption.

As you are hopefully aware, I was responding to your sarcastic query
about how I know there's a "real world."

>Either you are lying to try to win an argument which you had no business
>in engaging in

"Winning" an argument with you presumes that we agree on standards of
evidence. As far as I can tell, you refuse to articulate your standards
of evidence, and your basic assumptions, but object to mine. Hence, the
idea of "winning" this argument is as proposterous as the notion of using
evidence to convince a creationist they're mistaken.

>don't understand. The fact is, you asked a very dumb question, and can't
>stand having made a fool of yourself.

Gale, calm down. I make a fool of myself all the time. Nature of the
business. Relax and try to remember which question struck you as dumb.
I've asked for clarifications on several fronts.