Re: Patriarchy: Re: What Matriarchy?

Bryant (
8 Aug 1996 10:05:40 -0600

Gale wrote:

> I'm not a psychotherapist. What I am is *not the idiot who would embrace
> cold-fussion because it's "science".* I am a skeptic who is challenging
> your world view because it is naive; it is not hard-nosed. It is soft and
> gullible.

Gale, the difference of science and pseudoscience/new age/etc. is not
that scientists never royally fuck up. It is that science, unlike faith
systems, has a self-correcting mechanism. Your example is a nice case in
point; scientists found the errors of the Utah team.

Creationists, and Gale, resort to picking out the gaffes made by
scientists to try and discredit science. Since science is not a
monolithic belief system, but a method for approximating the world
which is uniquely open to tossing out bad ideas in the face of new evidence,
Gale and the Creationists will never convince the critically thoughtful of
their case.