zoo cave art

25 Aug 1995 13:06:21 -0700

I was searching the news database and found there was a discussion of
zoosexual cave art, questions were raised about the why and all this
stuff, I can answer those questions privately or here to those who need
information for research or what have you on this, becasue it existed
back then in the cave times, thru the Roman forums, right to today.
Looks like I missed a good thread I could have contributed insites to
from personal experiance.
Approaching this from a sociological and historical perspective is of
interest to those wishing to understand the topic, and human relations etc.

Not looking to provide stroke material, nor provide curiosity seekers
with materials, but if someone has a real bona fide desire to learn more
Ill be happy to respond.

Ask me about my 110% flame back guarantee, if you are not happy with this
message, return it for your flames back, flames cheerfully returned, no
questions asked!