Re: Barney created GOD???

Grant Edwards (
Sat, 26 Aug 1995 04:31:23 GMT wrote:

: You may not believe this, but, Barney is a large purple dinosaur.

There's a similar Brit "thing" but instead of a purple dinosaur, it's an
inderminate creature (green w/ yellow spots, or is it yellow with green
spots). Anyway, it's a guy in a foam suit who makes a living insulting the
intellegence of children on TV.

: He has a kiddie show (kinda like Sesame Street, but lower quality).

Much lower. I watch Sesame Street occasionally while getting ready to go to
work in the morning. Sesame Street still holds up after 25 years. Barney,
OTOH, makes me gag. Barney has absolutely none of the style or wit present
in Sesame Street. Rather he's sickeningly sappy, moronic, and so dull it
makes your teeth hurt.

: I want to know who created Barney so I can stuff his mailbox with large
: purple *%&@#$.

: Now are'nt you sorry you asked??

All together now (sung to the tune of This Old Man):

I hate you, you hate me.
Lets all go and kill Barney.
A shot rings out
and Barney hits the floor.
No more purple Dinosaur!

[Barney sings it with slighly different words but not nearly
as much passion.]

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