Re: Lane the pin-head! (was: Why, you're welcome, Chuck!)

Harry Katz (
25 Aug 1995 19:07:14 GMT

In article <>,
Les Griswold (bn946@FreeNet.Carleton.CA) whines:

I pick Northern Europe because I assume that most people know
what I mean.

Mr. Lazy Griswold's mental processes are so muddled and confused even
he cannot articulate them any better than this, so he must hope that
someone will telepathically pick up what it is he really meant to say.

Obviously, in yours and Raggedy's case, I ascribe too much

Indeed, intelligence is a stumbling block to understanding what Mr.
Lazy Griswold is grunting about.

I could as easily have said "from the plains of Asia".

Indeed, he could! And it would have made just as much -- or as little
-- sense! Unless, of course, you can read his mind and discover that
these phrases do not have any real meaning for him -- they just make
him feel warm and fuzzy all over.

Harry Katz

Whosoever runs after greatness, greatness runs away from him; he who
runs from greatness, greatness follows him.
-- The Wit and Wisdom of the Talmud, Madison C. Peters, ed.