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25 Aug 1995 23:52:57 GMT

dannie hawkins <71726.3204@CompuServe.COM> wrote:
>The term "theory" should no longer be used since [it's], in one form or another,
>an established fact with probably all creatures visible to the naked eye. Modern
>human societies do as you say, but it is very doubtful much supportive measures
>were taken for members of early tribes who became burdens, or were no longer -if
>ever- productive members of the tribe.

When food is available, even the weak survive. In times of plenty, the mutants can
have offspring. In times of famine - which we are approaching - most of these die,
but a few live. That's how evolution works.

Animals that kill weak children at birth don't evolve so far as those who let all
children live, when possible. Look at the ancient Greeks - they let their blind poet
Homer live, because they could afford to. Maybe he had some talented children who
could see. The Spartans killed their weak children. In terms of cultural evolution,
the Athenians won out. They had better methods.

>the Wulfpack much more than a democratic entity. Weaker members would have died
>sooner from illness or injuries, and those whose time it was to go - Went, just
>as all creatures in the "wild" do. The circumstances of their lives made then
>strong or killed them. This Natural pruning, and a more harsh environment, lead
>to healthier babies being born and tougher children growing up.

Even the old human tribes kept their old wise men around and let mothers keep
their crippled kids. If all you care about is physical strength, go run around with

>matter, even inner city children would leave then in their dust. If a world-wide
>crisis came Now, famine etc., the majority of whites (young and old) in the more
>"sophisticated" areas would die.

Most urbanites would die, regardless of race or physical strength.

>Chief Bigbrain will not save then. Bigbrain
>("brainist" from here on) cannot even save himself. Their world-view is not
>based on reality, but on fantasies originating in minds out of control. You
>could practically, and literally in many cases, call it "mindworship." Only
>short-sighted people cannot see this modern era drawing to a close, and it needs
>close, for the sake of Mother Earth, AND the sake of our Kind.

Changes might be on their way, but we're *never* going back to the Stone Age.
A lot of our infastructure (hydro dams, roads, buildings, etc) can stand on its
own for at least a hundred years without maintenance.

A great deal of our military and satellite technology was built to withstand any
catastrophe. The GPS satellite network, comm. relay satellites, and all of our
strategic nukes will still work if nothing else does. You're talking about tribal
race warfare based on physical strength. Buddy, we have enough guns and ammo
and tactical nuke artillery shells to last for another five centuries. The smart
people will *always* win.

Aryan Crusader

"As we of the Adamic Race are made in the Image
of God, so then our anger at the world is His,
our wrath His, our vengeance, the Lord's."
- from "The Politics of Righteousness" by J. Aho