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26 Aug 1995 05:17:02 GMT

>"Michael Gregory Abel, University of Tennessee" <abel@UTKVX.UTCC.UTK.EDU>
>Subject: Re: SURVIVAL OF FITTEST> Said:
>Your use of your own deep *wordpool and circular arguments tips your hand
>as to your short-comings as well. We are ALL playing the cards that were
>dealt to us in the great crap shoot called life. You sound quite bitter
>with the hand you were dealt, deal with it and move on but please try to
>state your opinions using what is between YOUR ears without personally
>tearing down anyone that may deviate from your beliefs.
>Your personal attack on Wolfegang Wuster's intelligence, biological
>makeup, and understanding is relevant towards bolstering your position on
>the survival of the fittest is what way...................?
>Michael Gregory Abel
>University of Tennessee Department of Microbiology*615-974-2933
>walters Life Sciences Bldg
>Knoxville, TN 37996-0845

In typical fashion, you too tow the wordie line of those who cannot argue their
point and then try distorting what others say, and totally ignore the "cute"
little comments coming from "their" side. tell it to your therapist. you can
only wish you had my "hand."
(added comment)
Not ONE comment (with edu. adr) on the human Nature post has been any more that
a "try" at wordie games or "crap-garbage-damnshit-badgenes-nuts-more-badgenes
etc." Of course I tried to respond in kind after wiping the tears from my eyes.
Strange...., for such bright people to initiate, and/or uphold others who do,
such uncivil behavior. I know [it] is a touchy subject But in the interest of
*educating* our children, and "food for thought" for those "still searching,"
one would think their intellectual curiosity would have been piqued just enough
to bring them to THINK about things of utmost importance in these most troubling
times since the fall of Rome... but Worse. Anyone with TRUE intelligence sees
thru all their wordie games, but will not post anything for obvious reasons.
They may be sitting beside a brainist, a wordie wimpie, but wimpie doesn't even
know it. He's the carpenter down the street, or the teacher who lives across
town, the hacker on campus, that person jogging past you in the park, that young
fellow who just cut those thick juicy steaks for you at the market, or the clerk
at the health food store. Why should you (systemites) care? If you were
intelligent, you would not have to ask.

> (Julie Locascio) on sub. Survival of Fittest Said:
>Plesae write in shorter paragraphs! Your material is too dense to scan! (And
>I am not asking you to highlight everything the other person says--that is
>even worse.)

apparently you need a new scanner.

Help out there!! This lady at the above adr. needs a new scanner. does anyone
know where scanner transplants are being done?