dannie hawkins (71726.3204@CompuServe.COM)
25 Aug 1995 10:11:39 GMT

>>Brad Carter ( on subject: Survival of what, Said:
>>However in human societies, we treat everyone as equal and go out of
>>our way to aid the helpless in extending their lives and leading a
The term "theory" should no longer be used since [it's], in one form or another,
an established fact with probably all creatures visible to the naked eye. Modern
human societies do as you say, but it is very doubtful much supportive measures
were taken for members of early tribes who became burdens, or were no longer -if
ever- productive members of the tribe. Being productive would mean many things
such as gathering/hunting food, heating and cooking fuel, water, etc. making and
repairing clothing, weapons, arrowheads, bows, spears, cooking utensils, etc.,
maintenance of camp, teaching children useful things, etc.ect.etc. but above all,
Defending their tribe and territory. Their tribal hierarchy probably resembled
the Wulfpack much more than a democratic entity. Weaker members would have died
sooner from illness or injuries, and those whose time it was to go - Went, just
as all creatures in the "wild" do. The circumstances of their lives made then
strong or killed them. This Natural pruning, and a more harsh environment, lead
to healthier babies being born and tougher children growing up. Imagine *average*
modern white children (if circumstances demanded) having to compete
for food (or their lives) with ANY of the so-called primitive children. For that
matter, even inner city children would leave then in their dust. If a world-wide
crisis came Now, famine etc., the majority of whites (young and old) in the more
"sophisticated" areas would die. Chief Bigbrain will not save then. Bigbrain
("brainist" from here on) cannot even save himself. Their world-view is not
based on reality, but on fantasies originating in minds out of control. You
could practically, and literally in many cases, call it "mindworship." Only
short-sighted people cannot see this modern era drawing to a close, and it needs
close, for the sake of Mother Earth, AND the sake of our Kind. The pruning cycle
is already way behind schedule. After this era comes to a close, man will began
another, and may again arrive at crossroads similar to our present, and this
process may repeat itself and circle the circle once more. This may be mans'
Natural life-cycle, and depending upon which *Thought-Group* had the largest, OR
the more powerful following, the cycle would continue Or End for a Kind. White
Aryan Kind are most threatened in this era because his "system" is a brainist
controlled system. Brainist have given us many things that made life more com-
fortable and longer lasting for many that should not have lasted long, and all
the while, we us weaker. [They] also made it possible for billions of people to
inhabit the Earth..... at the same time, causing disastrous effects on man and
environment. Brainist deny this is a problem because their mind-set is set on
just THAT - the mind. No matter what problems are brought to their attention,
they brush them aside because -they're brainist - and they will deal with all
problems AFTER they arise. Most all those idiots think the world belongs Only to
the *Chosen Thing* Bullshit. They are short-sighted fools and educated idiots,
i.e, persons having low level Natural Instincts and Perceptions. Natural pruning
has ceased due to the many helpful chemicals. Corrupted humanist philosophy and
stupid religious philosophy also bears as much..., No, bears More responsibility
for our problems, because of their anti *Natural Thought* focus. They HATE
Natural selection and they hate Manliness. They lay the groundwork for abstract
and artificial attitudes that only lead to death in due time, and that time is
fast approaching white Aryan Kind. _Earth Abides