Barney created GOD???

Chris Cracknell (
25 Aug 1995 22:29:55 GMT

Jonathan J Baker <> writes:
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> "Rev. RavenWind of Feather-Wing" writes:
>> Come on PEOPLE! We all know the truth..... BARNEY CREATED GOD! :)
>Forgive me for being an ignorant british person, but who the hell
>He's mentioned in a song by 'Weird Al Yankovic' but that doesn't
>help explain who or what he is.
>Jonathan Baker
>"We regret to inform you that due to financial constraints, the light
>at the end of the tunnel will be turned off until further notice."

You may not believe this, but, Barney is a large purple dinosaur. He has a kiddie
show (kinda like Sesame Street, but lower quality). I want to know who created
Barney so I can stuff his mailbox with large purple *%&@#$.

Now are'nt you sorry you asked??

C. L. Napier