Re: Life Duty and Death

Chris Cracknell (
24 Aug 1995 18:27:56 GMT

Woad809651 ( wrote:
: This is something that is still majorly in contention. I wonder if the
: anthopological community will ever make up it's mind on this. So wouldn't
: this put Homo Habilis as the last hominid group of a different species.
: Something to think about, If we didn't interbreed, why are there still
: physical traits around today that are very common in Homo Sapeins
: Neandertalensis, but not Homo Sapiens? One question: does this newsgroup
: (sci.anthropology) cover aspects of cultural anthropology or is this just
: physical anthropology or both?

Personally I go with the subspecies theory myself (Homo sapien neaderthalis).
Interbreeding would certainly explain where I got my massive brow-ridge,
sloped forehead, and large nose from (In my physical anthropology classes
I can't help but feel that everyone in the class keeps looking at the
Neaderthal skull, then at me, then back at the skull, then back at me....).

(Captain Caveman from hell!!!!!!!!!!!)