Les Griswold (bn946@FreeNet.Carleton.CA)
Fri, 25 Aug 1995 11:02:11 GMT

dannie hawkins (71726.3204@CompuServe.COM) writes:


> ... Imagine *average* modern white children (if circumstances demanded)
> having to compete for food (or their lives) with ANY of the so-called
> primitive children. For that matter, even inner city children would leave
> then in their dust.

This reveals a piss-poor understanding of how survival of the fittest
operates. AMONG OTHER THINGS, the ability to co-operate, as well as
maintain strong family ties, is one of the characteristics that is
routinely selected FOR in breeding.

Do you really believe that White parents would just abandon their children
as soon as they popped out of the womb?

> If a world-wide crisis came Now, famine etc., the majority of whites (young
> and old) in the more "sophisticated" areas would die. Chief Bigbrain will not
> save then.

Perhaps not, but "Chief Bigbrain" will sure give them an edge on survival.

(snip - diatribe about "Brainism" deleted)


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