Re: Request for assistance from the internet community

Joseph Johns (
21 Aug 1995 14:55:37 GMT (Judd Deaver) wrote:
>This is a request for help from the Internet community.
>I first off want to apologize for spamming on a massive scale. I will accept
>all flames like a man. I have been involved with Internet since 1989 so I know
> the extent of my trespass by posting to all newsgroups.

other trivial garbage deleted

First off, your apology is, at least as far as this USER is
concerned, NOT accepted. Your request for assistance was a
blatant disregard of generally accepted standards for the
proper use of the Internet.

Second, your "request" was nothing more than a business
advertisment - from which only you stood to gain. This
should have been advertised in the "MISC" section. If I
was remotely interested in your product, I would have begun
my search in that section.

In my case, your intrusion in "my" rec.woodworking
newsgroup was, an annoyance, time-consuming and a list of
other adjectives.

Good day to you Sir.

Joe Johns