Re: if existance exists why create a creator?

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22 Aug 1995 16:39:00 GMT

Supratic Gupta ( wrote:
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: |Diane_M Greene <> wrote:
: |>?(if existance exists why create a creator?)
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: |Who said there was a creator?

: It is not a question if creator exists, but we Human being find it as
: a insult if we who consider ourself as inteligent find that we are
: unable to understand some thing, for thousands of years, so we create
: a thing called creator, which violates the very assumptions that required
: its existence,
: |Jay.
: |
If we, humans were so intelligent that we explained our existance by
creating a creator what kept us praying to him for different wishes all
these years? It is the height of stupidity of mankind that we not only
created a creator, but we also created nations and whole social
structures to accomodate his wishes which are all ficticious anyway.
When ! o' god when! shall we have enough sense not to need you ! While
we may take long growing up would you please take care of me? Please
save me from flames on the internet!

Kirtidev Bhatt