Request for assistance from the internet community

Judd Deaver (
Fri, 18 Aug 95 19:44:26 GMT

This is a request for help from the Internet community.

I first off want to apologize for spamming on a massive scale. I will accept
all flames like a man. I have been involved with Internet since 1989 so I know
the extent of my trespass by posting to all newsgroups.

I am asking for help.

I have a digital publishing company that delivers fully formatted magazines
directly to subscribers e-mail boxes. These magazines include all the text,
graphics, and layout of paper magazines with the benefits of a digital format.
What I am having trouble with is that although my format is by far superior
to the Web for distribution of magazines I am too small of a company to create
market awareness. I am asking everybody who reads this post if you could
call, write, or e-mail any magazines that you read on a regular basis and let
them know they might want to check into my service.

What I am doing for you is trying to talk magazines into distributing for free
and making their money off of advertisements. So you would benefit by this as
well as me. imagine receiving quality magazines directly in your e-mail box,

please, Please, PLEASE help me out.

Judd Deaver
D-Magz Publishing