Matt Butler (
Sun, 20 Aug 1995 04:13:48 GMT

SARAH ( wrote:
: I am a professional with a background in International
: Relations/Eastern Europe looking to get my MA in Anthropology. My
: problem has been trying to find a suitable (also meaning cheap) school
: which will allow me to pursue independent academic interests.
: Basically, I would like to apply anthro to my work in the Balkans,
: specifically ex-Yugoslavia, meaning that I need to go to a school
: which offers Serbo-Croatian language. I don't want to be stuck
: studying toenail habits of Kalahari Bushmen or Finnish boot-making.
: If there is anyone with a bit of advice I would greatly appreciate it.

: I have heard that the following schools have good anthro programs.
: Any comment?

: SUNY Stoney Brook
: Univ. of Virgina
: Univ. of Wisconsin -- Madison
: UC San Diego

: Thanks in advance,
: David Augustyn

Check out UCLA. They have a great Anthropology program and their Slavic
dept. is great. I just got my BA in Russian Studies from there and they
definately teach Serbo Croatian- Prof. Albijanic.
They also teach Polish, Czech, Ukrainian and of course beloved Russian.
Also their history dept has a really good Russian offshoot, Prof Steven
Frank is wonderful. Prof. Hatch is the 20th cent. man, but a little
jaded. The poli-sci dept is pretty good as well in dealing with Eastern
Boston Universtiy is also great in its Anthro dept. I have heard the
Slavic dept has gone down hill a little. Also University of Chicago.
I just started at Hunter College of CUNY in the masters program in
Anthropology. So I have just done a lot of research in this very area,
Anthro and Slavic depts together.
Good Luck