Daniel Rosenblatt (
Mon, 21 Aug 1995 06:32:04 GMT

SARAH ( wrote:
: I am a professional with a background in International
: Relations/Eastern Europe looking to get my MA in Anthropology. My
: problem has been trying to find a suitable (also meaning cheap) school
: which will allow me to pursue independent academic interests.
: Basically, I would like to apply anthro to my work in the Balkans,
: specifically ex-Yugoslavia, meaning that I need to go to a school
: which offers Serbo-Croatian language. I don't want to be stuck
: studying toenail habits of Kalahari Bushmen or Finnish boot-making.
: If there is anyone with a bit of advice I would greatly appreciate it.

: I have heard that the following schools have good anthro programs.
: Any comment?

: SUNY Stoney Brook
: Univ. of Virgina
: Univ. of Wisconsin -- Madison
: UC San Diego

I am at the U of Chicago--while I do more traditional anthro (oceania)
there are a lot of people in my dept working in eastern europe. There is
no terminal MA in the anthro dept here, but there is an
interdisciplinary MA in social sciences which would let you do coursework
in a variety of depts.