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16 Aug 1995 21:19:06 GMT

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>JSmith1283 ( wrote:
>: I must say that I was very suprised to see this posting by a European
>: this section. I was impressed by the speedy reaction which led to the
>: authors demise in the Net.
>: My next reaction is the question of whether or not there would have
>: as speedy a reaction if the subject had been African-American women.
>: A few years ago, I listened, with a hall filled with other people, to
>: fellow probation officer read a poem about his youth. In the poem he
>: referred to National Geographic and how much he enjoyed looking at the
>: pictures of native women with their breasts swinging free.
>: I was insulted as a African-American woman because I understand that
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>: National Geographic was the predecessor of Playboy type mags and the
>: majority of women depicted in N.G. looked like me.
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>: Following this insult, I watched as every applauded. I was angry with
>: African-American men because they seemed to appreciate the piece as
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>: Now if the subject of that piece had been white women, the white women
> ----- -----
>: would have jumped the guy, AA men would have been next, then white
men. I
> ^^ -----
>: doubt that AA women would get into the fight because we suffer so much
> ^^
>: from insults that no one attempts to protect us from.
>: Signed
>: Jo (An African-American Woman)
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Listen toots,

You really think that the man got away with his speech because he spoke
about "black" women and not white women huh? If you can seriously
convince yourself that because he was looking at a magazine with a black
girl in it and not a white girl and that is the true reason he did not
get booed or the reason people applauded when he was done, then you are
one sick woman. You're living in a fantasy world honey. Everything that
happens to make you mad in your little world is the "WHITE MAN'S" fault.
You know everytime you don't get your way or get what you want you
shouldn't go blame it on a race of people. THAT'S ACTING VERY
PREJUDICEDLY. I certainly hope that an intelligent person like yourself
wouldn't resort to prejudices. So I want you to re-think what you wrote.
Think to yourself... It's not the "WHITE MAN'S" fault.. It was just that
one guys fault that made you feel "disgusted" or "insulted". And
apparently his remarks didn't "insult" or "disgust" others. So you'll
just have to bear that heavy load of insult all by yourself. You see,
not everyone feels the same about certain subjects. Not everyone should
feel the same. Variety is the spice of life, if everyone thought the
same way then this world would be pretty boring. So just hush hush
honey, and don't cry.

With all my respect,

James Stryjewski