Alissande (
16 Aug 1995 10:21:26 -0400

From: (Paul J. Zanca)
>So let's just pretend that they don't swing, shall we? Let's just
>that infantile concept, that vileness that is human sexuality.

Human sexuality is not vile. Not being able to appreciate women except on
a sexual level is.

>The day I see a great female body, or even a pretty good female body, and

>don't think at least on some level, "Yum, I'd like to..." will be the day
>have given in to the stifling, suffocating prudes like you that are
trying to
>tell me that sex is bad, sex is WRONG, sex is ugly and smelly and messy.

You obviously don't know me, because I do not think that sex is bad,
wrong, ugly, smelly, or messy. However, I do feel that sexuality can be
misused, and especially when women are targeted only as objects of sexual
desire. If you get your rocks off reading National Geographic, I would
say that you have lost the entire point of reading a magazine dedicated to
preserving historical and anthropological facts. I don't think that male
titillation was quite what the founders had in mind.

>What, I ask you, is at all unnatural about considering a woman a thing to
>desired? I hate to tell you, but if it weren't for that good old raunchy

>human libido, none of us would be here. A sterile interpretation of the
>body as an abstract thing, with no sexual allure, is not a survival
>Those with attitudes like yours will soon be bred out, unless some
>male" comes along and wakes up your gonads.

Nothing is unnatural about considering women desirable. Nothing is
unnatural about considering women sex objects. However, when one is
unable to look at a picture of a woman and see a picture of a woman, as
opposed to a red-hot mama with her breasts hanging out, I think we have
problems. My libido is raging enough, and I think I know a little bit
about the facts of life, seeing as how I have two children, but I don't
refer to every man that passes by as a chunk of meat, nor do I actively
admire the way his pants bulge out in the front, nor do I stand on the
street corner offering my body to every tight piece of ass that comes
along. The point is, sexuality can be a wonderful thing, and it is our
duty to make sure that it stays that way, and also that it does not
interfere with the right of women to walk down the street and not be seen
or treated as an ass and tits attached to useless portions of the body.

>Maybe there's some hope for you, after all. While the above is very
>it's still about sex. As is practically everything, everywhere.

Duh. What's your point? That because I think that SOME men should be
able to see beyond their (or other's) genitalia I am sexless? You are
just recycling the same chauvinistic propaganda that men have shoveling
for years.


"... his hand hovered over the petals of her body like a bee drawn to a
flower, waiting to enter them and taste the nectar ..."
--- A
Touch of Love