Re: Profanity versus Professionalism

Carl J Lydick (carl@SOL1.GPS.CALTECH.EDU)
16 Aug 1995 22:07:31 GMT

In article <>, (Robert Roosen) writes:
= Of course, the two do not mix. Profanity in a post is an
=automatic turn off of communication, and is a sure sign of unprofessional
=behavior. It is rather obvious that profane posters really have nothing
=of value to say.

It's rather obvious that Roosen's too damned stupid to distinguish between form
and content.

Disclaimer: Hey, I understand VAXen and VMS. That's what I get paid for. My
understanding of astronomy is purely at the amateur level (or below). So
unless what I'm saying is directly related to VAX/VMS, don't hold me or my
organization responsible for it. If it IS related to VAX/VMS, you can try to
hold me responsible for it, but my organization had nothing to do with it.