Re: Humans and chimps

Jones M. Murphy, Jr. (
7 Aug 1995 04:01:23 GMT (Chris Cracknell) wrote:
>Okee dokee, this is a somewhat silly and odd question to ask, but it's
>something I've always been curious about but never able to bring myself
>to ask one of my anthropology proffessor.
>Since there some species that are closely related are able to mate and
>produce offspring (albeit sterile offspring) and since chimps and humans
>share over 97% of the same genetic makeup.... well... is it possible for
>a chimp and a human to mate and produce a sterile offspring? I know, I
>told it you it was a somewhat silly question but damnit, I just gotta know!

Well, I asked this question a couple of years ago, and never got any
reports of such experiments being done. It's a fascinating issue...