Humans and chimps

Chris Cracknell (
6 Aug 1995 23:01:00 GMT

Okee dokee, this is a somewhat silly and odd question to ask, but it's
something I've always been curious about but never able to bring myself
to ask one of my anthropology proffessor.

Since there some species that are closely related are able to mate and
produce offspring (albeit sterile offspring) and since chimps and humans
share over 97% of the same genetic makeup.... well... is it possible for
a chimp and a human to mate and produce a sterile offspring? I know, I
told it you it was a somewhat silly question but damnit, I just gotta know!

Also is it is possible has anyone speculated what the features of such a
creature would be, praticularily in reguards to the brain.

I naturally expect that should such a mating be possible the ethical
considerations would prohibit any primatologist from artificially
inseminating a chimp with human sperm, but has anyone done any
theoretical research on this subject?

(Slightly embarrassed I asked the question from hell!!!!!!!!!!!)