Re: Origin of Language

Jacques Guy (
5 Aug 1995 11:17:50 +1000

Philip Deitiker <> writes:

> BTW, who introduced this fellow to the mechanical trade, where did he
>learn the basics of engine mechanics, ect (Books read count as much
>communications with others). The argument is that this fellow could do
>very advanced engine diagnosis without language; however, what is not
>said is how he learned the basics.

He learnt with the French underground. Joined them after the collapse of
the French army in 1940 (he was 14 then). Later was a tank driver and
mechanic with Leclerc's division. Earlier (when he was 10 or 12), he'd
learnt driving by watching the feet of the drivers he was with, so
he told me when I asked him to teach me driving (he never had the patience,
only said: "do as I did, watch the feet, no-one ever taught *me*").
Left home at 13 too, never went to school beyond that.